Hi! I’m Melissa, a Buffalo native, who recently moved to Amsterdam with my husband, and together we started to travel around the world.  I began The Great Wall Travels, a travel blog, to spark your interest in world travel through my first hand experience. You can find helpful travel tips and vacation ideas about the top holiday destinations on the Great Wall Travels.  Visiting over 70 cities and 15 countries we experienced learning new cultures, tasting new foods, and awing over ancient architectural wonders around the world.

About The Great Wall Travels

Holiday Destination Facts About The Great Wall Travels

Number of Cities & Countries: 72 Cities & 17 Countries
Favorite Holiday Destinations: Marrakech, Bali, Barcelona, and Taormina
Top 10 Holiday Destinations I Want to Visit: Iceland, Cuba, South Africa, India, Nepal, Japan, Peru, New Zealand and Vietnam

I hope to continue my world travel and to provide you with new holiday destination guides.

The Great Wall Starts Traveling

I have had a yearn to travel since about 10, when I took my first plane ride. I was off to Disney World; the happiest place on earth. After a few high school trips and college spring breaks, my travel addiction was just starting to spark.

During college, I found a job teaching digital media to kids. Did I mention the job was located in Malibu, California? Hell yeah, I’m in. Living in California, I was able to explore new cities up and down the coastline; meeting new people, trying new things. I was loving it all; it was further fueling my travel desires.

The Great Wall Travels to Hong Kong

The Great Wall Travels to Chicago

Never being content in one place for too long, I decided after Cali I was going to move elsewhere. Next up…CHICAGO!  I LOVE Chicago. Seriously, this city is amazing.

I made a lot of great friends and had a lot of great experiences.  It  also didn’t hurt that I was at Soldier Field every Sunday for a Chicago Bears game. If only it could be summer year round. After 3 years in Chicago it was back to Buffalo, and it seemed like for good. No está bien.

The Great Wall Travels Back To Buffalo, NY

I love Buffalo, I just wasn’t set on staying in Buffalo; especially at this moment in my life. I went from the Chicago Bears to the Buffalo Bills. I love the Buffalo Bills, but gameday just lacks that je ne sais quoi. During this time, I was able to travel up and down the east coast, and visit Chicago a few times. Oh, and then there was that first time I got to go to Bali.

Traveling made me realize, I needed to get my shit together.  Getting a new job with Hearst and meeting the love of my life. Warning next line is very corny: It was as if my stars were aligning.

The Great Wall Travels with Matthew

Matthew & The Great Wall Travels

The best part of Matt, besides his witty charm and good looks, is that he loves to travel as much as me! Exploring Milan, Venice, Rome, Capri, Florence and more.  For the next 3 years we continue to travel throughout the US and even take a second holiday to Europe; visiting London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Brussels and Bruges. I am hooked.

The Great Wall Travels to Amsterdam

Matt receives a work promotion in which we would need to move to Amsterdam, Netherlands. Obviously, we are in. Amsterdam has always been one of my favorite holiday destinations.

Bikes, bikes, bikes and more bikes!  Amsterdam is clean, green, beautiful, historic, there is good beer and food, and everyone speaks English. I know very American of me, but it makes things a whole lot easier.

Vacation Planning

Since moving to Amsterdam, Matt and I have traveled a ton, and with traveling comes vacation planning. While planning all of our trips, I kept running into the same issue: I was unable to find a single travel website that provides the necessary facts for business travelers, romantic weekend getaways, or group travel adventures, so I decided to create one myself. The Great Wall Travels is a resource on holiday destinations providing readers with quick and important travel tips, information on where to stay, when to travel, what to do and more.

Make sure to come back each week to read about new holiday destinations. Start your travel planning with the Great Wall Travels today.