Marrakech Travel Tips: What to expect on your trip to Morocco

Top Marrakech Travel Tips: Things to Know When Planning Your Moroccan Holiday

When planning a trip to a new country it is always beneficial to be aware of any important information. My top Marrakech travel tips helps travelers plan and know what to expect on their Moroccan holiday.  As times change so do the experiences, food and scams. Stay in the know and make the most of your vacation in Marrakech.

Top Marrakech Travel Tips:

  1. If you are a U.S. or E.U. citizen you do not need a travel visa, but your passports should be valid for at least 6 months after your expected travel.
  2. Taking a cab is the easiest mode of transportation, negotiate your rate prior to getting into the cab. Leave it to the pros. as driving in Marrakech seemingly has no rules or regulations, and hundreds of thousands of motorbikes, cars, trucks, horse and buggies, donkeys and wagons, busses, people and more all in the streets, the Frogger rating is at a top level of 5. Read more about my experiences on my trip to Marrakech Vacation Itinerary.
  3. Do not take pictures of people in Marrakech with out their permission, they will get angry, and may try demand money.
  4. Morocco is an Arabic country, meaning Arabic is the main spoken and written language; French is the secondary language (Morocco was a French colony before WW II). Most signs are in English and most people under the age of 35 speak English.
  5. The Moroccan currency is the Moroccan dirham. On average about $1 USD = 10 Moroccan dirham.
  6. Tipping is customary; minimum 10% tip
  7. Since this is an Arabic country finding a place to drink can be a bit difficult. You have better luck finding a place to drink in the new city; at one of the larger hotels. Most Marrakech riads and dars in the medina serve alcohol to guests, but always double check because some do not; same goes for restaurants, or they will not serve alcohol before a certain time.
  8. Try avoiding traveling to Marrakech July-September, as temperatures are hottest ( average highs around 100 degrees Fahrenheit), and is the busiest time for tourists traveling to Marrakech for holiday. If you want to book accommodations read Best Marrakech Hotels for the top places to stay in Morocco.
  9. If you are looking to do excursions in Marrakech, avoid traveling December-March, when crossing the High Atlas Mountain range may be impossible due to snow and bad roads.
  10. When walking around the souks and squares of Marrakech, people will hustle you, attempting to get money out of you some how. If you are not interested, do no make eye contact; ignore them and keep walking.
  11. Do not drink the tap water

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