Best Marrakech Hotels and Accommodations

Best Marrakech Hotels: Top Places To Stay In The Red City

Trying to decide where to stay in Marrakech? Choose from some of the best Marrakech hotels and discover the city the way you want.   Whether you are looking for an authentic and unique holiday or a relaxing family vacation, there is a Marrakech hotel, resort or riad to fill everyone’s wishes.

Top Places to Stay in Marrakech

Depending on what you want to do on your vacation, you have 3 options to stay in Marrakech:

  1. the Medina: In the medina, you can take several guided tours of the famous Marrakech souks (or markets), food or sights.
  2. New City: In the new city, you and your family can relax at a pool at one of the many large resorts, or you can play a round of gulf.
  3. Surrounding Area: Go on a yoga retreat to a luxury camp in the Sahara desert. If you are after a true Moroccan experience try staying in a Berber village in the High Atlas mountains.

Best Marrakech Hotels, Resorts and Riads

When it comes to selecting where to stay,  it’s important to note that resorts are located in the new city and areas outside the medina; along with most luxury brand hotels.

Best Marrakech Resorts:

Best Marrakech Hotels

Best Marrakech Riads:

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