Riad Luciano Marrakech Hotel Review

Riad Luciano Hotel & Spa Marrakech Morocco

Finding a place to stay in Marrakech can be time consuming if you don’t know what you are looking for. Marrakech hotels range from 5 star resorts to boutique riads. If you are looking for a traditional stay at a modern riad, I would highly recommend the Marrakech Riad Luciano Hotel & Spa.

My Stay at the Marrakech Raid Luciano Hotel & Spa

Raid Luciano Airport Transfer

After passing through the excessively long customs line at the Marrakech Airport, we exited the airport and immediately found our driver, holding a “Riad Luciano” sign. This may not seem like much, but considering we’ve wandered around multiple airport arrival halls attempting to find our driver in the past, it was a nice change.

Driving into the Marrakech Medina, our driver pulled over onto the side of the road, in front of what is a government building. A young man, quickly greeted us, grabbed our bags, and started leading us down the street. A little confused, we looked to the driver for validation, that indeed this kid was working for the hotel. He nodded, and we followed the kid. Turning down an alleyway, we start winding our way through the labyrinth of the Marrakech Medina.

At this point, I was starting to question our choice in booking this hotel. Where the hell was this guy taking us? Could there actually be a nice hotel located in this area? A few minutes later we arrived at a beautiful large metal door, with a sign that read “Riad Luciano”. The kid rang the doorbell, and we were greeted by young woman, who spoke better English than me.

Inside Marrakech Raid Luciano Hotel & Spa

As we entered the hotel hallway, it quickly turned into an amazing open air courtyard, with a wading pool right in the middle. This seemed like an oasis, in the chaos that was the city of Marrakesh. The young lady quickly checked us in, as we sat in the communal living room, and drank cup of mint tea, and some cookies. A man took our bags up to our room, and we followed in tow. The room was beautiful. White marble floors, a large bed, and a beautiful open bathroom. Our room also looked out on a second courtyard with a peaceful fountain bubbling non-stop.

Amazing Service for Marrakech Raid Luciano Hotel Review

The next morning we came down for breakfast, and were sat right next to the wading pool, in the courtyard. The staff quickly brought out coffee, and a tray of typical Moroccan breakfast food. The bread with honey was amazing, and I quickly asked for more. They also offered a western style breakfast, if that’s what we prefered, asking if we wanted eggs, toast, or anything else. We declined, but were happy that we had this option.

After spending hours walking around Marrakesh, we retreated back to the Riad in the early evening. After a quick nap, we felt like grabbing a beer before heading out for our late dinner reservation. It’s important to note that it’s somewhat difficult to find alcohol in Marrakech. The dominant Muslim population puts a damper on the availability of alcohol. We grabbed seats in a nook located right in front of the wading pool. A very cozy nook, we sprawled out on the pillows, and quickly ordered a beer. They carried Heineken, and Casablanca. Never having heard of Casablanca, I gave it a shot; I actually really liked it. Our waiter quickly brought over a mix of fresh Moroccan olives, and some nuts. It was a very nice little pre-dinner snack, and a nice relaxing break from the chaos of the city. Two other younger guests were down having a few cocktails, and celebrating the man’s birthday. A few minutes later, the staff came out with a small cake, and sang him happy birthday. Completely on their own merit, as they had made friends with this guest over the course of the week, and found out it was his birthday. A small gesture, but again, not something you would find in a chain.

That night we returned pretty late at night. Heading down the maze of alleyways toward our hotel was a little daunting, especially since we hadn’t done this in the dark before. Right after we made the turn down the alleyways, a security guard with a flashlight said hello, and explained that he would walk behind us to make sure we found our Riad. We weren’t scared, or even uneasy, however having the security with us made us feel a little more safe. Good thing he was there too, because we got lost! He quickly pointed us in the right direction, and stayed with us until the staff opened the door of the Riad.

The next night we returned from all all-day excursion to the Atlas Mountains, tired and hungry. We decided to stay at the hotel for dinner that night, instead of venturing out. The staff was always eager to please, and said that besides the typical menu of Moroccan dishes, they could make whatever we wanted. Not wanting to complicate things, we order a chicken tagine and a few Casablancas. On the verge of falling asleep in the nook, we asked for the check and to have a bottle of wine to bring back to our room. The staff provided us with two glasses, and the bottle, and asked if we wanted a snack of anything to bring up. We declined, but the home style accommodation was definitely appreciated. Something you definitely wouldn’t find at a chain hotel.

The next day we departed to the airport, and had arranged transportation via the Riad again. The same kid from our arrival came into the hotel, took our bags, and led us to the parked van, which was to bring us to the airport.

Marrakech Raid Luciano Hotel Review Rating

We’ve stayed at Conrads, Hiltons, Whaldorfs, and some other pretty fancy hotels during our travels. While those hotels are great, they often lack the connection with the city and culture that they’re located in. Riad Luciano made us feel like we were at home. The staff members are amazing, friendly, and helpful. The relaxing vibes of the hotel were something we truly needed.

Book your Marrakech hotel stay with Raid Luciano or read more about the best Marrakech hotels.

Riad Luciano Hotel & Spa Marrakech Review

Hotel Review

The Marrakech Riad Luciano Hotel & Spa made us feel like we were at home, and for cheap. The staff members are amazing, friendly, and helpful. Furnished in traditional Moroccan style, the relaxing vibes of this boutique hotel were something we truly needed.The food and service rival that of some of the best restaurants in the city. For a unique and great stay in Marrakech book a room at Riad Luciano Hotel & Spa.


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