Best Hong Kong Hotels Holiday For Your Holiday

Best Hong Kong Hotels: Top Places To Stay For Your Holiday

HThe best Hong Kong hotels for you depends on your budget, how long your stay is, who you are are traveling with, and what you want to do on holiday. Hong Kong is filled with skyscrapers of luxury hotels and residential towers; many make great AirBnB accommodations.

Popular Areas to Stay in Hong Kong

The most popular areas to stay in Hong Kong are Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Hong Kong Island and Kowloon are completely different. Hong Kong Islands is much more modern, steep and filled with the famous skyscrapers of the city. Kowloon is more traditional, filled with apartment buildings and home to the famous Lady Street and Temple Street Markets. Each area is densely populated, and you will find many little neighborhoods with in both areas of Hong Kong.

Stay on Hong Kong Island

Stay on Hong Kong Island for a modern and central stay on your Hong Kong vacation. Hong Kong Island is a popular area, packed with skyscrapers, and built up the side of Victoria Peak. This side of Hong Kong is filled with brand new luxury residential condos and hotels, businesses, expats, bars and restaurants. Amongst all these modern towers, you will find old British colonial buildings.

  • Tip: If you are only visiting Hong Kong for a short time ( 3 days or less), I recommend staying on Hong Kong Island.  This area is the most centrally located area in Hong Kong; a close walk to main sights, shopping and restaurants.

Best neighborhoods on Hong Kong Island

  1. Finicial District
  2. SOHO
  3. North Point

Staying in Kowloon

Across Victoria Harbor, on mainland, is the Kowloon side of Hong Kong.  From Kowloon you get the iconic views of Victoria Harbor and the Hong Kong skyline. Kowloon is filled with shopping malls, luxury stores, moderately priced hotels, street markets and a more authentic Chinese feel. The buildings are older, and there is a lot more people. Read more Hong Kong Travel Tips.

Best neighborhoods in Kowloon

  1. Tsim Sha Tsui
  2. Mong Kok
  3. Hung Hom

 Best Hong Kong Hotels

If you only have a few days to visit Hong Kong you will want to stay in Central on Hong Kong Island or Tsim Sha Tsui on the Kowloon side.  Our list of best Honk Kong hotels include:

  1. The Upper House on Hong Kong Island

    The Upper House is a luxurious 5 star boutique hotel in Central on Hong Kong Island. Located in the finical district, The Upper House, is about a 15 minute walk to the Star Ferry and SOHO district; famous for restaurants and bars. This hotel offers amazing views of the Kowloon side of Hong Kong, and is attached to the Pacific Place; a luxury shopping center.

  2. The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

    The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong offers luxury at it’s finest. The location of this luxury hotel is further away from the central sites of Hong Kong, in West Kowloon. Take advantage of the Rolls Royce airport pickup service. The Ozone Bar, on the top level of the Ritz Carlton, is a must visit in Hong Kong; enjoy a cocktail while looking out at the best panoramic views of Victoria Harbor.

  3. Intercontinental Victoria Harbour

    The Intercontinental is a 5 star luxury hotel located on the Kowloon side of Kong Kong, in Tsim Sha Tsui. This hotel is about a 10 minute walk to the Star Ferry and Nathan Street, famous for it’s shopping. The biggest sell of the Intercontinental, is the lobby bar that offers breathtaking views of Victoria Harbour.

Best Hong Kong Hotels on Budget

Stay in the best Hong Kong hotels on budget in Tsim Sha Tsui. Your options for great hotels in the Tsim Sha Tsui area of Hong Kong expands; spend less and be close to everything.

Other options for staying in central Hong Kong on a budget is booking an AirBandB. There are an abundance of luxury apartment towers, all offering accommodations at low rates on AirBandB.

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