Destination Guide Bali Holiday

Bali Holiday Travel Guide

Have you been dreaming of taking a relaxing vacation to paradise? Start planning your next beach vacation with this 360 Bali holiday travel guide. My guide provides an overview of the best time to travel to Bali, what to expect, best Bali hotels and more.

Planning A Bali Holiday

Bali is the only Hindu island within the predominately Muslim Indonesian  archipelago. As a result, the vibe of Bali is more laid back. Amongst all the chaos of the streets and shops, there is so much serenity behind all the red walls of the Island.

As a reminder, do not be ignorant to the local laws; Indonesia has some of the most strict enforcements and cruel prison conditions.

Located south of Malaysia, Bali is a central island in the Indonesian archipelago.It takes about a day to travel from New York to Bali; about 5 hours from south China, or about 12 hours from Western Europe.

Bali’s Climate

Due to it’s close proximity to the equator, Bali consistently hovers around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The most popular time to travel to Bali is June through September; these are the driest months of the year. Bali’s rainy season is November through out March, while the hottest months are February through March; daily highs around 90 degrees Fahrenheit and humid af.

What To Expect on Your Bali Holiday

A true and crazy mix of modern & traditional culture. The old culture of farming rice fields and skilled crafts is being replaced with surf academies and mega resorts; farmers to waiters and craftsmen to tour guides.

Read my top Bali travel tips and know what to expect on your holiday.

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