Top Bali Travel Tips for your Holiday

Top Bali Travel Tips – What to expect on your holiday

Traveling to Bali can be quite shocking to westerners, especially if you haven’t been elsewhere other than the Caribbean or Mexico. Bali is still a developing country,  and is currently taking advantage of the tourist boom.  When planning your holiday, is important that you know these top Bali travel tips.

Top 13 Bali Travel Tips

  1. For US & EU Passport holders, a Visa is not necessary
  2. The best weather in Bali is in August, however this is also the busiest time to visit.
  3. Arrange meeting place with your driver in the arrival hall of the airport, as there are 100s of drivers waiting to pick people up.
  4.  Driving in Bali is insane; Always try to opt for a metered cab (Blue Bird cab), if you can’t get one, negotiate your rate before your get in
  5. Bali is a Hindu island.  Be mindful to not step on the religious offerings which are often found on the ground, near doorways or entranceways
  6. Always carry some cash, as cabs and beach vendors don’t take credit/debit.  ATMs are fairly common in urban areas, and usually located in convenient stores, or small plazas.  If you’re crossing the island or heading into the rural areas,  don’t pass up an ATM.
  7. Tipping is encouraged 10-15% is common
  8. $1 USD is about $13,339.00 Indonesian Rupees
  9. Being a very tourist friendly place, almost everyone speaks english very well, don’t be afraid to ask something in English
  10. If you’re going to anywhere across the island, hire a driver for the day.  You’ll pay about the same as a cab, and the driver will stay wherever you are and wait for you.
  11. Check out a small beach club for evening drinks.  Lounge in one of their beanbags on the beach, under the colorful lanterns.
  12. Like most tourist friendly places, there are lots of vendors on the beach.  Always negotiate prices for these items or services.  An hour long foot massage will run you about $10 US dollars, not a bad deal! Make sure to bring sunscreen as not many places will sell sunscreen on the beach
  13. Have a seafood dinner on Jimbaran Beach. This is one of the most amazing things I have done. For more top things to do and see read my article, Experience Bali.

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