2 Day Singapore Holiday in September

My September Trip To Singapore Vacation Itinerary

Matt and I had to take a business trip to Singapore in September. Being so small, a short Singapore holiday of only a few days, is all you need to discover this wonderful city nation. Singapore is the cleanest and most organized Asian city; maybe even out of every city in the world.

Day 1 Of Our Trip to Singapore

My first day of our trip to Singapore was spent exploring China Town, the Riverwalk, and Long Bar. Followed up by getting lost in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. One of the most amazing hotels in the World.

When planning a Singapore holiday, plan to visit in August, as weather conditions are the best this time of year.  As I mentioned this city is very clean and organized so be mindful of the many laws in Singapore. Know what to expect by reading my Singapore Travel Tips.

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Arriving into Singapore late at night, we went straight to our hotel. Staying at the Hotel Rendezvous, the rooms could be better for the price, but the location was great. Our hotel is a five minute walk to the Raffles Hotel, and a short train stop to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Waterfront Promenade.

The first thing you notice about Singapore is that this city is clean af. The roads are very easy to drive on, as Singapore has no lack of rules and regulations. Be mindful of the laws, as you do not want to be jailed or fined on your vacation.


I have the day to myself in Singapore. Knowing that I had to go check out the F1 race the next day, I started the day by walking down to the Raffles City Mall to purchase tickets; about $80 USD. The day is gorgeous; hate to say almost too sunny. On my morning walk, besides the cleanliness, you notice the striking architecture of Singapore.  A mix of old colonial and futuristic, these buildings are a sight to see. After buying my Singapore Grand Prix ticket, I decided to be super touristy, and do one of those hop on / hop off buses.

Riding around for about an hour, we drove past all the major buildings and pockets of the city. Driving through Singapore’s China town is charming, as all the street decorations from the harvest festival are still up. Now onto lunch.

Walking along the riverwalk, there are so many dining options. Choosing to eat at a Cambodian restaurant I order up a Singapore sling to drink; when in Rome.

A fan of these fans #colonial

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With time to kill, I make my way down to the Raffles Hotel. I wanted to visit the famous Long Bar and grab a drink. Another Singapore Sling please. Long bar at Raffles Hotel is gorgeous and home of the original Singapore Sling. It feels like you could be back in colonial times; with mesmerizing ceiling fans, that seem to be a part of some kind of pulley system.  Read more about my experience at Long Bar.

After slinging back some drinks at Long Bar, I meet up with Matt for dinner. The restaurant is great; situated in an indoor outdoor place, it had a mix of South East Asian cuisine. I tried soft shell crab for the first time. Yum!

Moving on from dinner we head to find the Gardens by the Bay for the light show. Thinking we are going in the right direction, we soon realize we are in a maze of underground tunnels, malls, casinos, hotels; we had no clue what direction to go in. Finally figuring out where to go, the show is over. Fail. I guess the only thing to do in this situation is drink. To the top!

Finding the elevators, we make our way to the top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, and head to the the outdoor rooftop bar. Amazing views of Singapore’s skyline, Gardens by the Bay, and Waterfront Promenade all lit up. We didn’t get to see, but Marina Bay Sands is home to the world’s largest and highest infinity pool.

Deciding it was time to leave, we jump into a taxi, and head to Long Bar for a night capper.  Walking into Long Bar, I am amused that Matt is as entertained with the ceiling fans as I was earlier. The weird thing is, we literally get seated in the exact same place I sat earlier that day. Crazy.

 Day 2 On Our Trip To Singapore

The second day of our trip to Singapore is spent at the Raffles Hotel, Singapore Grand Prix, and the Gardens by the Bay. Don’t miss any of top sights and things to do, read about experiencing Singapore now. Expect to pay high taxi fares ($50 min) during the Grand Prix, or plan routes ahead of time with Singapore’s excellent public transportation.

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As Matt left for the day, I had the morning to pack; we had to leave that night at 9 PM. Gross, I know. After packing everything, I set out for the Grand Prix.  Thinking the entrance to this F1 race is super far, I get into a taxi. Turns out, I should leave the assuming to the locals. The entrance for the grand prix is two blocks from my hotel. Getting to the gate, there is no line. I am pleasantly surprised. Well I shouldn’t be. With my zone 4 ticket, I’m not able to enter the race until 2 PM and it is only 10AM now. Ugh; I think I have some time. Off to Raffles Hotel.

At the Raffles Hotel store, I look for knickknacks, and they are all awful. With not liking anything, I decide it is probably best I eat and drink the time away. Enter the Raffles Hotel Courtyard. The courtyard is beautiful. Bright, open, the weather was great, the food fresh and the drinks refreshing. Read about my review of the Raffles Hotel. 4 hours later, $84 poorer (Sorry Matt…those Moscow Mules though), I make my way to my first ever Formula 1 race. Woot Woot!


The Singapore Grand Prix is an F1, or Formula One, street race. Like I said this is my very first F1 race, and it is amazing, it is loud, fast, and much more than I know what do with. You can honestly feel the vibration in your body from the power of these engines. The Singapore Grand Prix is set up by zones, with ample seating throughout, and with the most expensive seating at the street turns. Beers are a bit pricey, but needed; it is hot, 90 degrees and humid. The zones also have dedicated food & drink areas, and several concert venues providing free entertainment from the best performers. For more, read about my Singapore Grand Prix experience.

Meeting up with Matt later that evening, he is instantly mesmerized by the speed, sound, and pure power of these formula 1 cars. Downing some beers, we went exploring the grounds of the Singapore Grand Prix. Walking over to Singapore’s waterfront promenade, we enjoy an amazing sunset over the skyline and sea. Check out my review of Singapore’s Waterfront Promenade.

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Later on that evening, we go exploring Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay. The attraction is OK, and is definitely a tourist trap. The grounds of the gardens are large, containing smaller exhibits within, such as the Supertree Grove. The entrance to the Gardens is free, however some of the exhibits do require an entrance fee. Walking only through the free areas, I am liking what I see at the Gardens by the Bay, other then the massive amounts of people. With really not much going on for Matt or I, we leave and try to head back to our hotel. Ha, one hell of a cluster f.

Heading back to our hotel is such a hassle with the Grand Prix taking place. We try and navigate to an area with taxis that were able to get to our hotel. Because of the grand prix, certain parts of the city were completely cut off. Going through parking ramps, back stair cases, questionable doors, we finally arrive. Great. Well…not so great.  What was a $15 taxi ride the night before (Marina Bay Sands Hotel to our hotel), is now a minimum $50 taxi ride. FML. We need it. We had to make our flight.

Getting back to the hotel, we are able to shower which is amazing; now off to the airport for a 12 hour flight back.

If you want to plan your next vacation here, read my 360 Singapore holiday travel guide.

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