Travel Tips: What to expect in Singapore

Top 10 Singapore Travel Tips: Know What to Expect on Your Holiday

With strict laws and enforcement, be smart when traveling to Singapore. These top Singapore travel tips will help American and EU citizens holidaying here.

Top 10 Singapore Travel Tips

  1. If you are a U.S. or E.U. citizen you do not need a travel visa for Singapore. However, your passports should be valid for at least 6 months after your expected travel.
  2. Strict rules are enforced in Singapore; make sure not to spit or ash your cigarettes on the streets as both are  illegal.  Gum is not allowed in Singapore, and will be confiscated at the airport, if found.
  3. The wettest month in Singapore is November
  4. English is the official language, however most people from Singapore also speak Tamil, Malay, Standard Mandarin
  5. The currency used in Singapore is the Singapore Dollar. $1 USD is about 1.42 Singapore Dollars.
  6. Taking a taxi is the easiest mode of transportation, and they are readily available throughout the city; especially at hotels or office buildings.  All taxis have standard metered rates, so you don’t have to worry about getting ripped off. UBER is also available in Singapore.
  7. Singapore’s public transportation system is world renown for being one of the best. It is easy, clean and efficient.
  8. Tipping is appreciated, but not necessary.  Tipping any more than 10% is considered an insult.
  9. If you see a package of tissues on a table in a restaurant, this means the table is reserved.  Don’t sit down.
  10. The Singapore F1 Grand Prix race takes place in September, and literally shuts down half the downtown streets. Find more things to do and see in Singapore.

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