My March Day Trip To Brussels

My March Day Trip to Brussels: Vacation Itinerary

Travel to Belgium and take a day Trip to Brussels. Here is my Brussels vacation itinerary a helpful travel guide providing you options of what you can experience.

Travel From Amsterdam To Brussels

Waking up early this morning, we go to pick up our friends Liz and Justin from the airport in Amsterdam. When we meet, they are happy but exhausted from traveling 14 hours…you’re not done yet. Muhahaha. A quick cat nap and shower later, we all leave to make our Thalys train from Amsterdam to Brussels; 1.5 hours each way and €100 round-trip ticket.

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A week prior to our trip to Brussels there were several terrorist attack that happened in the city. I know some of you may be wondering why the hell we even went? Well, we had already booked the trip, and we knew that security would be on full alert.

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Walking out from the Brussels train station, we see a beautiful city that felt both depressing and quirky all at the same time; a mix of history, art, and military. Soldiers are everywhere. And as much as we appreciated the extra security, it was that security making the city depressing; the gloomy weather did not help either. The architecture of Brussels is beautiful; a mix of Baroque and Gothic architecture. The next thing I know, we are passing the remnants of the terror attacks, which have become full on vigils with mementos and notes from people of all faiths and nationalities; a somber and powerful reminder that we must be more kind.

Continuing on our way from the train station to our hotel, we stumble across awesome artwork and sculptures – a nice break from the cloudy skies and sadness. We make a pitstop at the pissing boy statue (Manneken Pis)…and I effing love it.

We eat some waffles and take pictures with the human-size whizzing boy statues and cardboard cutouts before we decide to have Liz order us beers at Poechenellekelder (the cozy bar across the street). Liz you are one nasty woman; in a good way. Liz is a beer expert, connoisseur, guru…especially of Belgian beer. She was in her happy place – and the next thing I know, Nasty Woman (Liz) orders rounds of 12% beers. 3 nasty woman beers later, I am drunk, and we are not even at the hotel yet. Liz, Justin…This is going to be a good night.

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Feeling pretty invincible (a feeling that does not leave…until the morning after), we make our way to our hotel. We are staying at the NH city center in Brussels. It was completely renovated and beautiful inside but also completely empty, as the airport was still closed and not everyone was as confident in the heightened security as we were…Sad. On a positive note, because the hotel was so empty – Liz and Justin were upgraded to a huge suite. If we’d spent any time (not sleeping) at the hotel – it would have been amazing!


Freshening up, we leave for dinner at Le Cirio, one of the oldest restaurants in Brussels. What do you know, Liz is back at it with the monk beer. Liz orders us some more 12% beers to help us finish our meals, so that we can leave and find even more Belgian beer. After dinner, we decide we are going to walk to the Little Delirium Cafe; situated on a closed off street, lined with bars and restaurants.

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The adventure starts off on a depressing note though, as the first thing we pass is another memorial from the terrorist attacks. We stay for a moment, and give our respects. As we turn to walk, I can not believe what I am seeing. Is that? No, it isn’t. It Is! It’s Chi-Chi’s; a famous tex-mex restaurant from the US. Holy Shit. This has to be the last remaining and operating Chi-Chi’s on earth. Seriously.

Continuing on, we walk past one homeless person after the next with pet rabbits. What the…? Why do they have pet rabbits?! We love it, we just don’t get it. Walking down grand streets, up narrow alleyways, we round the corner and enter a magnificent square, the Grand Place. Ornate to say the least; details, gold and angels everywhere. We stop and take some pictures, and enjoy the beauty of the square before we continue to the Little Delirium Cafe


The inside of the Delirium Cafe is a mix of traditional and ‘I think I might be on acid’ designs, with tons of interesting beers on tap. On the verge of being sober, Liz with no intentions of allowing this to happen, orders us some more libations – including a cactus beer the color of Mountain Dew. Drinking outside, we enjoy all the people walking by, and the fools sitting at the table next to us. Enjoying one strong beer after another, I am starting to brown out at this point.

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Moving on to another bar, Liz and I now enter the laughing and dancing and hugging each other constantly stage of being drunk. Maybe it is just me, but again I am browning out. More monk beer, please! I am now past the point of no return. Seizing the opportunity to take advantage of our lowered inhibitions, Justin convinces us that we need to go to Hard Rock Cafe. I think it is because he secretly wanted a Bud Light. With all the quaint Belgian bars around, do we really go to the Hard Rock? Really? Fuck yes. Best. Idea. Ever. I go from drunk yappy Mel straight to superhero Mel, skipping philosophical Mel. This isn’t going to end well.


I wake up the next morning, and I am looking at all the bruises up and down my leg. Oh, and I am still drunk. I didn’t just brown out last night I blacked out. Apparently, I thought it was a good idea to play leapfrog hammered, on the cobblestone. Not so much.

Liz also wakes up still drunk and bruised – with a shattered iPhone screen. Apparently the delicate glass couldn’t handle the cobblestone leapfrog. Through the cracks we did find a photo she took late the night before. Or maybe it was early that morning? Regardless, the picture featured a cafeteria style tray full of empty boxes from Quick – a local fast food joint. Who ordered and devoured a fish filet? Was it the same person who consumed the ice cream sundae? We may never know – and there is no time to investigate. We need to leave to catch a train to Bruges.


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Walking to the station, I felt a bit better. For about two minutes. Then suddenly, the only thing I’m feeling like is death. I have a pounding headache, and I am on the verge of puking. Now I have to get on this train for a 1.5 hour ride. Ugh; the worst, but here we go.

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