Top Bruges Travel Tips by The Great Wall Travels

Top Bruges Travel Tips: What to Expect on Your Belgium Holiday

Planning a trip to Bruges? Here is my list of the top Bruges travel tips and what can you expect on your Belgium holiday.

Top Bruges Travel Tips:

  1. Bruges is pretty small, and with a good itinerary Bruges can be explored in a day. Read My Spring Day Trip to Bruges Belgium Vacation Itinerary for more information on how to plan.
  2. As Bruges is small, there are few accommodations, so book early.
  3. The euro is used in Bruges so the conversion to USD is 1 Euro = $1.19
  4. In Bruges they speak Flemish; a dutch dialect spoken in Flanders.
  5. Popular Dutch phrases to use in Bruges: Hello – Goeiedag; good evening – Goeden avond; Bye bye – tot ziens; Thank You – Dank u wel; Please – alstublieft.
  6. When traveling from Amsterdam to Bruges there are no direct trains between; you will need to transfer trains in Brussels or Antwerp.
  7. To enter the city center of Bruges from the Bruges train station, walk straight out and across the open square. Cross the street at the end of the square, and follow the first street into the park and over the canal.
  8. Since this is a popular European Holiday Destination, you can find cheaper prices for beer and food off the beaten track
  9. Bruges is known for it’s lovely canals and medieval streets. Make sure you enjoy a boat ride through the canals. For more experiences read Experience Bruges: Top Things to Do and See on Your Belgium Holiday.
  10. The best time to visit Bruges is when the weather is nice; May to October. Expect to find tourist filling the streets, as Summer is the most popular time to visit Bruges.
  11. Popular things to buy are Lace, Fries, Chocolate, Waffels, and of course Beer!

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