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Top London Travel Tips: What to Expect on Your Holiday in England

London, England is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Know what to expect on your holiday in England with my top London travel tips. Start planning your vacation to London today.

Top London Travel Tips:

If you are visiting London for the first time, these are the top London travel tips you need to know.

  1. The best time to visit London is before or after summer, when weather is still moderate, and there are a few less tourists. Avoid going to London in the middle of summer,  a lot of buildings are old and may not have central air.
  2. London is a sprawling city so be prepared to walk or try and make use of the tube (the London underground public transit system) to get you across the city quickly.
  3. London is the most wheelchair friendly city in Europe. If you are walking in paired, and want to visit Europe, I recommend visiting London. The taxi, attractions, museums, bathrooms and more are all have wheelchair accessibility.
  4. They use the pound in London , not the euro: 1 pound equals $1.37 USD
  5. Quickest and cheapest way to get from London’s Gatwick airport to the city of London is by the underground train.
  6. If you are flying out of London’s Gatwick airport on any of the budget airlines: EasyJet, Transavia, Vueling etc, you are not able to check into your flight until 2 hours before.
  7. The grounds in front of both the Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey are chaotic all day, so keep a close eye on your belongings. I recommend visiting Buckingham Palace first thing in the morning and
  8. Visit the London Eye at Dusk for you very own light show. For more experiences red London top things to see and do
  9. Book accommodations close to the Thames River in the central part of the city; having a central hotel is key. For more convenience book a hotel near a TUBE station.
  10. Cask ale is the most popular type of beer in England. Note, cask ale is served at home temperature and is pretty flat.

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