Experience Bruges top things to do and see

Experience Bruges Top Things To Do and See On Your Belgium Holiday

Bruges is a fairytale city for adults, full of boats, beers and chocolates. Experience this Belgian city with this list of Bruges top things to do and see.

Bruges Top Things To Do and See

  1. Boat Tour of The Bruges Canals

    See the city from a new perspective, and take a boat tour of the famous Bruges canals. Small group boat tours last about 45 minutes and cost you about $15. The captains of these 20 person boats are amazingly entertaining; highlighting famous landmarks, while providing you with a picturesque history lesson.

  2. Visit The Church of Our Lady

    The Church of Our Lady is home to the famous marble sculpture ‘Madonna and Child’ created by Michelangelo in the early 1500s. The Church is also home to the second largest brickwork tower in the world. Restoration has begun and has uncovered famous medieval paintings.

  3. Buy Belgian Chocolate in Bruges

    Belgium is known for some of the worlds best chocolate. Tucked away on the tiny streets of Bruges are well known and family run stores selling this famous Belgian Chocolate.

  4. Visit the Markt in Bruges

    The Markt is the central square is a famous and historic square in the heart of Bruges. Visit the cafes, shops and 12th century bell tower, the belfry, that line this neo-Gothic square.

  5. Drink Belgian Beer in Bruges

    Belgian Beer and Monk Beer is sought out worldwide. While on vacation visit some of the top Belgian beer bars in Bruges such as Staminee De Garre, Duvelorium bar, Café Vlissinghe, The Bauhaus,’t Brugse Beertje, Comptoir des Arts and many more.

  6. Go on a Belgian Brewery Tour

    There are 3 Belgian Breweries in Bruges: De Halve Maan, Bourgogne des Flandres, and Fort Lapin. De Halve Maan is the most famous and oldest brewery in Bruges, open since 1856.

  7. Buy Belgian Lace in Bruges

    From new collections to antiques, Bruges is filled with tiny family operated shops selling and making the famous Belgian Lace.

  8. Visit the markets in Bruges

    Bruges is an old medieval city, rich with culture and history making this a perfect place for markets. Find every quirky thing from medieval antiques to unique Flemish gifts.

  9. Eat a Belgian Waffle, Fries, and Mussels in Bruges

    Bruges is filled with waffle and Fry shops making some of the best tasting and smelling Belgian snacks. Bruges has many cozy cafes where you can indulge in the most people’s first choice: mussels.

  10. Lovers Bridge

    One of the more romantic things to do in Bruges is to take a walk to over Lover’s Bridge in Minnewaterpark; Near the entrance of the gated city of Bruges. As you cross the bridge you will enjoy the Swans swimming in Lover’s Lake.

Are there any places that you have been to or researched that is worth a visit in Bruges? For more information on Bruges top things to do, read my article Day Trip to Bruges: Vacation Itinerary.


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