Paris Travel Tips: Top things to know

Paris Travel Tips: Top Things to Know When Planning Your Holiday

Are you planning a holiday to Paris? Below is a list of some of the top Paris travel tips to make sure your vacation is as perfect as possible.

  1. Visa free travel to France for all U.S. and E.U. citizens.
  2. August is the busiest month to travel to Paris
  3. Be prepared to wait in lines. Buy tickets online ahead of time or book private tours to sights and museums for priority entry.
  4. Paris is large and sprawling, be ready to walk a lot. While most of Paris is flat, the eastern most part of the city is on top of a pretty steep hill.
  5. The metro is super cheap and easy to use, once you get the hang of it. If not there are taxis, but make sure they are metered. UBER is another option in Paris, and I found it to be cheaper and easier than taking the taxi.
  6. Versailles is about a 40 minute train ride from Paris, and will cost you about $7 round trip. Read more about the Palace of Versailles in my article Experience Paris: Top Things to See and Do.
  7. The fountains in Paris do not turn on until late spring, to prevent damage do to frosting.
  8. It is safe to drink water from the tap. Even more interesting, the city has numerous water fountains providing fresh sparkling water for free to everyone.
  9. Be mindful of pick-pocketers. Like any major city, Paris has its scammers. The latest being: a group of younger girls distract you by getting you to sign a petition, while another one tries to take your belongings.
  10. Getting a taxi at Gare du Nord (Paris train station). There is an official taxi line, but people dressed up will stand in front of the line and try and guide people to use their drivers. Their drivers cost about 3 times more. Do not fall for this. Also be careful as the taxi drivers can get aggressive…makes me not want to even deal with it, instead walk to the corner and take an UBER.

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