A day in Cefalù a June Holiday

My June Trip to Cefalù Vacation Itinerary

A perfect warm weather vacation idea is to take a trip to Cefalù; a Medieval Italian beach town, located Sicily’s northern coast. There are some things you must do in Cefalù, and eating a fried risotto ball should be number one. Among other things, Cefalù also has one of the most beautiful sunsets over the water or cliffs.

Day 1 of Our Trip to Cefalù

The first day of our trip to Cefalù we navigate our way to the northern coast of Sicily, enjoy the soft sand beaches, and eat delicious Risotto Balls! The closest airport to Cefalù is the Palermo airport; about a 30 minute drive. Do not trust the train times. Be aware you need to scan train tickets at kiosk prior to boarding.

Sicily. #mindblown

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Walking out of the Cefalù train station, being so tiny and quaint, was like walking out on to a movie set. It is about a 10 minute walk from the train station to the beach; Cefalù is built on a slope leading down to the water.  The town is beautiful; having that medieval charm, the buildings reaching a max of 4 stories. We walk to our apartment rental, La Rosa dei Venti, which is a block from the beach, in the old town. Our place is modern with lots of space, enough for 6 people. Learn more about La Rosa dei Venti. After we unpack, we head out…for you guessed it, more beach. We need those last minute sun rays.

It is perfect out; the sun is shining, and the sand is soft, unlike in Taormina which was rocky. The Cefalù coast is a large open crescent, with a scattering of beach clubs along the sand. The town seems to start at the beach, with shops and restaurants running the length of the coast, and then it jets back.

We have lunch near the beach, over looking the water. It just didn’t seem real, it is too beautiful. I finally get my fried risotto ball …. holy $h!t is that good. Risotto ball, peironi, the beach… you can’t get much better than that when in Sicily. Enjoying what was left of the sun, we finally open our beach toys we bought in Taormina. Very amusing. After about an hour or so of Matt making a scene, and diving into the water like Baywatch, we head back to our place.

Taking a quick nap, we head back out to see a Cefalù sunset. It truly is a sight; breathtaking as the sun sets over the water or mountains depending on what direction you face.  The beach in Cefalù, at susnset, is the perfect setting for a classic Italian Aperitivo.  After our aperitivo, we walk around the old town; up and down the old stone streets, into the old church, it is all so pretty. Finally picking a place for dinner, that didn’t have a 30 minute wait, I order…you know it…P-I-Z-Z-A. Food is good, wine is flowing. Time to leave, we head back; we have to semi pack for our trip home the next day.

Day 2 of Our Trip to Cefalù

Day 2 of our trip to Cefalù we enjoy more sun on this Mediterranean beach, eat more Sicilian food and attempt to navigate back to Catalan. Take the private bus, it is clean and comfortable. The ride from Palermo to Catalan cost about 35 euros.

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Keeping inline with our relaxation theme: we get up early the next morning , get some breakfast, and head back to the beach. We want to get some last rays before we had to leave, and go back to rainy Amsterdam. After a few hours of bronzn’ our bods, we return back to our place. We grab our bags and walk to the station to make our train back to Catalan… or so we thought.


Online, the trains are suppose to connect at a city half way between Cefalù and Palermo around 4pm… turns out this is false. That train is not coming until 10pm, and our flight leaves at 8pm. We need to be at the airport at 6pm. It is now 3pm, and it takes 2 hours to cross Sicily to get to Catalan, so the earliest we could get back would be 5pm. However, there were no trains, buses or cars willing to take us to Catalan from where we were. We catch a train to Palermo, another 45min away, and arrive at 4pm.

Transferring in Palermo, Sicily

Getting off the train station in Palermo we were amazed by a few things inside the actual station:

  • the church
  • the casino next to the church
  • the fattest stray dogs we ever had laid eyes on

To say the least, the Palermo train station is not the cleanest. From the station, we can either take a train, bus or hire a driver. With no drivers willing to take us, and all the trains getting in too late, we now had to figure out the bus system.

After circling the station, and going back and forth down the street, we finally are able to figure out which bus to take.  Phew, that should drop us off at the airport 6:30pm. We get on this bus and oh my god. We should have been traveling by bus the entire time. The bus is pure luxury from the train. There is ac, shade, comfortable seats, it is clean, there is a bathroom.

2 hours later, and a beautiful drive through the country, we finally arrive to the Catalan airport in Sicily, and make our flight back to Amsterdam!!!!!!!!!!!! Sigh.

Want to plan a vacation to Sicily? Read my trip to Taormina Sicily for more beach vacation ideas.

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