2 Day Taormina Holiday in June

My June Trip to Taormina Sicily Vacation Itinerary

People do not lie when they say you need to weeks in Sicily. Follow me as I share my experiences from My June trip to Taormina Sicily vacation itinerary. If you only have a few days to stop over somewhere I definitely recommend a long weekend in Taormina. Located on Sicily’s northeastern coast, Taormina is a popular holiday destination spot for Italians. It is one of the more authentic Italian cities I have visited; with real Sicilians in the kitchen.


Traveling to Taormina Sicily, with my boyfriend and sister, we fly into the airport in Catania, on Sicily’s eastern coast. We arrange an airport transfer, for about 100 euros; Taormina is about an hour drive from the Catania Airport. The streets of Sicily are crazy; winding, narrow, up and down cliffs. There is a train that can take you between the cities, but it doesn’t run late, and you then have to walk about a 20 min, up narrow and steep streets.

Doing research, the consensus of people was to stay in a bed and breakfast while in Taormina. So we did. Situated perfectly, our Bed & Breakfast is within walking distance to both the town center, and the funicular to get down to the beach. See my review of our Bed & Breakfast stay, at Taormina Al Bacio. Since we arrive to our B&B late at night,  the owners make dinner reservations for us, and show us how to get too and from the town center.

We walk to the restaurant which is situated at the start of the town center. Dinner at Tiramisu Trattoria is perfect! We are seated outside, and the vibe feels local; everyone with their families, and only speaking Italian. I highly recommend Tiramisu Trattoria.

Beautiful views for days #taormina

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Day 1 Of Our Trip to Taormina

Day 1 of the vacation itinerary for our trip to Taormina is to enjoy the beautiful coastline. It is the first time for all of us in Taormina…well Sicily all together. We knew we wanted relaxation and good food, so we opted for a beach club: Lido la Pigna. The easiest way to get from the town center to the beach is by funicular.  It’s also good to know that less people speak English in Sicily, so brush up on your Italian.

Beach Clubs In Taormina, Sicily

Waking up early the next day, breakfast is provided on request. Whether we want omelettes to pastries or fresh coffee to lattes, there are so many options; it is glorious. What makes the morning even more amazing is being able to eat our breakfast on our private terrace, over looking the water during sunrise. Fucking Magical. Now we get a head start to the beach.

Walking to the funicular, about 3 min away, we go to the closest beach. Just so happens that there is a beach club across the street from the funicular. Perfect.

Lido la Pigna Beach Club in Taormina Sicily

Costing about $10 per chair, the beach is beautiful. We are surrounded by cliffs, covered with luscious greens, and beautiful turquoise colored water. This is what it truly feels like to be on a beach in the Mediterranean; Picture perfect. Having a waiter is key to our relaxation, and making friends with fellow Americans is always a plus.

Beach life #killinit

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Lunch at the Beach in Taormina Sicily

Three hours and a few peronies later, we need food quickly. We have lunch right up at the top of the beach, by the entrance of the funicular. I order a pumpkin risotto, and trust me when I say it is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten! Read more on La Marina Restaurant.

Later that evening we roam around the old gated town of Taormina. Brightly colored buildings on top of cliffs, with old cobblestone roads and archways, this city is something from a painting. Restaurants built in down the side of cliffs, overlooking the water; every alleyway opened up to more restaurants and shops. It is incredible.

Day 2 On Our Trip to Taormina

On Day 2 of our trip to Taormina, we spend the early part of the day at the famous Isola Bella, and the rest of the afternoon and evening in the town center. We explore an Ancient Greek amphitheaters, and tried infamous Sicilian cannolis and wines.


With plenty to do in Sicily, one can honestly spend upwards of 2 weeks here; from climbing Mt. Etna and touring vineyards, to visiting the greek ruins in Syracuse. However, this vacation is about relaxation, so naturally the next day we decide to go to the beach again. This time we go to a beach named Isola Bella.

Isola Bella Beach In Taormina Scilly

The beach at Isola Bella is rocky, making for an extremely hard, and pee your pants funny, time trying to get in and out of the water. It is pretty, but definitely a tourist trap. Annoying.

Moving on from the beach, we eat lunch before exploring the ancient greek theater. Wondering down one of the many side allyways, we discovere Babilonia. It is such quaint restaurant, with seating in an outdoor garden. See full restaurant review of Babilonia. On to some ruins.

Being my first time stepping into a ancient Roman-Greek theater, it is unreal how they built this structure. Especially on top of that cliff, and in the 3rd century BC. Truly f*@king remarkable. Thinking that blew my mind, on the walk back we decided to get cannoli. I literally see the biggest cannoli of my entire life. Holy Cannoli. Continuing on our walk through town, we make our way in and out of shops, until the hunger sets in.

Holy #cannoli #taormina #sicily

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Walking though town we finally come to the end. We find some seats outside at this teeny tiny place with 4 other tables. Food is good, wine is good, and service is great. After dinner, we make our way back, and popping in and out of bars, stopping to enjoy the square, architecture, and yachts out in the water. It is our final night in Taormina. Getting back, we had to pack as are leaving for Cefalu the next morning. I don’t want to leave Taormina…I haven’t climbed Mt. Etna yet; I haven’t tasted the wines from the vineyards, I did not go boating, or go on the god father tour…I am missing to much. It is too beautiful.

Day 3 On Our Trip To Taormina

On day 3 of our trip to Taormina we had to figure a way to get to Cerfalu. Tip 1: Avoid renting a car; Hire a driver or take a private bus. The roads in Sicily are steep, winding, and narrow.  The buses are clean, on time and super comfortable. Avoid the trains; again hire a driver or take a private bus.


Waking up the next day, we take a crazy taxi ride to the Taormina train station. We figure, we have used the trains else where in Europe with no issues, we will use them to go from Taormina to Cefalu. False. This turns out to be quite the adventure, but not as bad as the return trip. The train system is so confusing, with unknown rules to foreign travelers, and with noone working it makes navigating quite confusing. The trains are not well ventilated, so the ride is hot. Hire a driver or take a bus. #Lessonlearned

Getting off at our known transfer point, we have no idea what platform to go to, and what train to take the rest of the way. The signage and notifications are awful. I try waiting in a information line, a line of 3 people, is taking over 30 minutes. Unreal. I know service is slow in Europe, but this is beyond awful. Italy really needs to allocate or regulate money in their transit system; especially in southern Italy.  The one benefit to taking the train is being able to see the beautiful Sicilian coast.

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