Hong Kong Holiday Travel Guide

360 Hong Kong Holiday Travel Guide

Planning A Trip: Hong Kong Holiday

Hong Kong is similar to San Fransisco in a lot of ways; a big city built up a mountain, large harbor, densely packed with skyscrapers and people, and lots and lots of money. With lots of money, comes the very poor; as evidence when you are driving to and from Hong Kong; you will see Bugattis, and you will see slums.

What makes Hong Kong stand out is it’s history and quirkiness.  Hong Kong is a modern city, where native Hong Kongers are still closely tied to customs. You will see random British colonial buildings, among 100s of 100 story plus towers. There are amazing authentic Cantonese restaurants next to modern spin offs like Ho Lee Fook.

Traveling to Hong Kong

Traveling to and from Hong Kong is easy. Located on the south central coast of China, Hong Kong is about a 12 hour flight from LA, and 4 hours from Singapore. It is about an hour ferry ride to China’s famous gambling capital, Macau.

Flying into Hong Kong is pretty amazing; green mountains seem to sporadically pop up from the ocean, getting larger and larger, and slowly filling with life, until you see the city. The area is very mountains and lush, and you can see the new lands being created daily.

Hong Kong’s Weather

Due to Hong Kong’s location to the equator, and being surrounded by mountains and water, the climate tends to be a hot, humid subtropical climate influenced by monsoons.

The best time to plan a Hong Kong holiday is October – December, when weather is dry and temperatures are comfortable. July is the hottest month (90 degrees Fahrenheit on average), while January is the coldest (60 degrees Fahrenheit on average). The wettest months in Hong Kong are May-August.

Best Areas to Stay in Hong Kong

The best places to stay in Hong Kong are Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.  For a relaxing Hong Kong holiday, try staying on one of the surrunding islands or at one of the many beach hotels. Read my article on the Best Hong Kong Hotels, and start planning your holiday today.


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