Dubai Travel Tips

Dubai Travel Tips: Top things to know on holiday

Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates , which is a fairly conservative yet westernized Muslim country in the Middle East. If traveling to Dubai for the first time it is a good idea to know what to expect. Below is a list of the top Dubai travel tips, so that you can have a smooth vacation.

Dubai Travel Tips – Most important things to know

  1. What to wear in Dubai?  Be respectful and dress more conservatively; cover shoulders and knees, avoid body con dresses, and clothes that reveal a lot of cleavage.
  2. Bathing suites and bikinis at the beach or at a pool are good, however coverup when going through hotel lobbies and walking to and from the beach.
  3. Alcohol is on the expensive side, and typically found only at high end restaurants and hotels. If you are planning to layout on the beach with a drink, you will have to go to a private hotel beach or beach club.
  4. UBER and Taxis are available and both are pretty equal in price.
  5. The city is quite sprawling, and traffic can be terrible from mid day through the evening.
  6. The metro is brand new, efficient and can take you from the Dubai Marina to the Mall of Dubai
  7. The palm is quite isolating, so people who stay on the Palm usually tend to no leave the Palm. It is about a 30 minute drive from the Dubai Marina to the Atlantis on the Palm. There are also a metro stops.
  8. A top all inclusive resort is a must if staying on the Palm in Dubai. For more of the top places to stay, read about the best Dubai hotels.
  9. If you hold a US or EU passport you do not need a travel visa when visiting Dubai.
  10. It will cost you about $22 USD and 35 minutes for a taxi ride from the airport to the Dubai Marina area.
  11. You can drink water from the tap
  12. The currency exchange is $1 USD = 3.67 Dirhams

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